I am an expert in API strategy design and execution.

What is the challenge?

APIs (application programming interfaces) are powerful but very new. A strategy for APIs needs to cover many areas, which is complex. Definition and execution of an API strategy involves many roles and teams — not just tech anymore. Many clients don’t know how to leverage the benefits of APIs and craft an API strategy.

If this sounds familiar to you, speak to me.

Central to the API strategy consulting is the API Model Canvas (AMC) which is based on the works around the Business Model Canvas. The AMC is an online collaboration tool that simplifies defining and executing an API strategy by considering all critical key aspects. The AMC also provides a practical check-list that helps clients finding answers to the right questions.

The screenshot below shows the AMC dashboard overview.

API strategy with the API Model Canvas

For more info about the background thinking behind the AMC check out the talk I gave at the API Strategy and Practice (APIStrat) conference (below) or the lighting talk at APIDays Nordic.

Get in touch with me and I am happy to explore your API challenges.