Please find a selection of my works below. You can obtain them either via the link provided or for most of them contact me and I can provide you a pdf directly.

Selected ebooks, whitepapers and articles:

  • Achieving Enterprise Agility with Microservices and API Management (2016, link, summary)
  • How to get API Strategy right (2016, link)
  • API Owner’s Manual. Best Practices of Successful API Teams (2015, link, summary)
  • The Unseen Enablers of Platforms: Interfaces and Access (2015, link)
  • Practical Advice for the Stages of the API Lifecycle (2014, link)
  • The Value of Operator APIs for Developers (2014, link)
  • Introduction to bada: A Developer’s Guide (2010, link)
  • The Concept of Coordination: How to Exploit an Optimization Potential (2009, PHD thesis, link)

Selected keynotes and conference talks:

  • API Model Canvas. A tool to help getting API strategy right (APIStrat, 2015, link)
  • Changing the Face of Transport via APIs (APIDays Paris, 2015, link)
  • Data — Systems — Interfaces. A Constructive Outlook into the Second Machine Age (Strata, 2014, link)
  • How to use Donuts and Onions for scaling API programs (APIStrat, 2014, link)
  • APIs: From Value Chains to Value Networks (APIDays Barcelona, 2014, link)
  • The Power of APIs: Connecting (Big) Brands with Bright Minds (DevLab LIVE, 2014, link)
  • Evangelists as Developer Program Drivers (APIDays Berlin, 2014, link)

You can find a lot of my older articles on the Mobile Apps Stuff blog. I also have a fair amount of academic publications around coordination and mobile environments.

If any of those or other API-related topics are of interest to you of I you require API strategy consulting, I am always happy to discuss. Please get in touch.