This is the Web version of the API Magazine email newsletter from May 2015. You can get it here too.


It is time for the API Magazine newsletter — 16 hand selected articles per month right into your inbox. I collect, curate and comment articles about all topics related to APIs and Developer Evangelists. You can find more on the API Magazine site.

Here is this month’s list:

  1. Building Effective API Programs: API Marketing (Link)
  2. The API is the Invisible Hand Behind the Internet of Things (Link)
  3. A Well Designed API Approach (Link)
  4. Microservices Architecture Best Practices (Link)
  5. White House sides with Oracle, tells Supreme Court APIs are copyrightable (Link)
  6. Regarding The Solicitor General Weighing In On The Oracle v Google API Copyright Case: Are You Really Surprised They Do Not Get APIs? I Am Not! (Link)
  7. Do you really know why you prefer REST over RPC? (Link)
  8. Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report (Link)
  9. Mobile First is API First: McKinsey’s eCommerce insights (Link)
  10. 4 Things You Should Know About Platforms (Link)
  11. This week in API land (Link)
  12. Five developer tools to save time & headaches (Link)
  13. The API Model Canvas: a strategic tool for building API programs (Link)

Events, surveys and competitions:

  • API hacking on the startupbus (Link)
  • Videos of the APIDays/APIStrat Berlin event (Link)
  • I love APIs conference (Link)


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API Magazine Email Newsletter (May’15)

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