Michael Bryzek, co-founder and ex-CTO at Gilt, discussed at QCon New York how ‘dependency hell’ could impact the delivery and maintenance of microservice platforms. Bryzek suggested that dependency hell may be mitigated by making API design ‘first class’, ensuring backward and forward compatibility, providing accurate documentation, and automatically generating client libraries.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.infoq.com

This is a very good point raised: Microservice architectures are discussed a lot recently with Web APIs as the enabling concept. Microservices are great and can solve many challenges better than more heavy-weight SOA. 

The consequence however, will be to stay on top of the mashups and integrations between such Microservices. This article summarises 4 strategies to help managing dependencies:

  1. API design must be first class
  2. Backward and forward compatibility
  3. Accurate documentation
  4. Generated client libraries
Taming Dependency Hell within Microservices
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