API MagazineThis is the Web version of the API Magazine email newsletter (July’15 edition).

It is time for the API Magazine newsletter — 16 hand selected articles per month right into your inbox. I collect, curate and comment articles about all topics related to APIs and Developer Evangelists.

And the API Magazine got a face-lift: You see it because you are browsing it right now. Let me know what you think.

Here is this month’s list:

  1. API Design Considerations for The Internet of Things (Link)
  2. 27 Tools for Your Easy API Development (Link)
  3. How to design a REST API (Link)
  4. This annoying story about API copyrights, Oracle, Google and the Supreme Court (Link)
  5. Will Oracle v. Google Mean The Death of the API economy? (Link)
  6. 3scale as a reaction copyrighted the Database Store API (Link)
  7. Why It’s OK To Design Imperfect APIs (Link)
  8. Taming Dependency Hell within Microservices (Link)
  9. A Peek Behind the Curtains: Six Lessons from Building a Microservices-led Company (Link)
  10. Businesses invest in software to fuel digitisation strategy (Link)
  11. This week in API land #13 (Link)
  12. Kin Lane’s Weekly API.Report For June 29th, 2015 (Link)

Events, surveys and competitions:

  • APIdays Sydney, February 10-11 (Link)
  • Videos of the past APIdays Mediterranea in Barcelona (Link)
  • API-Craft Detroit, July 27-29 (Link)
  • I love APIs conference (Link)

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Web Version of the API Magazine Newsletter — July’15 Edition
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