Steve Willmott (CEO of and I just finished the new API Owner’s Manual ebook. APIs (application programming interfaces) and API Management are becoming more and more crucial components in digital transformation or strategy. … 

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I wrote the ebook together with Steve Willmott and I am very proud to now release it publicly.

With this ebook we take a slightly different approach and want to provide best practices about what makes an API really successful on the long run: the API program around the actual technical interface.

We cover seven best practices which proved to be essential for successful API programs:

  1. Focus relentlessly on the value of the API 
  2. Make the business model clear from the beginning
  3. Design and implement with the user in mind
  4. Place API operations at the top of the list 
  5. Obsess about developer experience (DX)
  6. Go beyond marketing 101
  7. Remember API retirement and change management

The API Owner’s Manual: Best Practices of Successful API Teams [ebook]
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