With the end of the year fast approaching, we’re reflecting on last year’s predictions and what might be next. Here’s how our 2015 API predictions scored.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.3scale.net

Always a great read:

3scale CEO composes API predictions for every year. Below is the review of his predictions from 2015 [1 point score if it turned out correct]:

1. Web API design will become a premium tech skill [1 point]

2. API search and discovery will heat up [1/2 point]

3. Automated code gen and SDKs will raise the bar [0 points]

4. Security breaches will be top of mind [1.5 points (unfortunately this came true in spades)]

5. API operations will become “a thing” [1 point]

6. Industry standards or shared specifications will start getting early traction [1 point]

7. The API event scene will grow [1 point]

8. Real time and post-REST APIs [1/2 point]

9. IoT will stretch API architectures [1/2 point]

10. Identity, privacy and data access will be key [1/2 point]

2015 API Predictions Reviewed
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