Microservices have emerged as an architectural style to build and operate IT systems for massive scale based on reusable and replaceable components. A microservices architecture (MSA) uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect the various microservices together. Today’s speed of business requires IT systems be agile to keep up with rapid pace of change. MSA alone does not deliver that. In part because they require sophisticated ways to manage APIs, and API management solutions address exactly that.

I published a new whitepaper on Achieving Enterprise Agility with Microservices and API Management. The main argument in this paper is that microservices alone do not provide enterprise agility. To achieve that microservices need to live in an environment that allows to manage, monitor and secure the interfaces (APIs) between microservices.

One key aspect that I discuss in the paper is the distinction between microservices with internal-facing APIs and microservices with external-facing APIs. Both need to be secured and managed by API management but in different ways. The illustration below shows how such an MSA could look like with internal and external APIs.

Microservices and API management

You can get this whitepaper here, find a summary on LinkedIn or contact me directly if you just directly want the pdf.

Achieving Enterprise Agility with Microservices and API Management
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