3 Things Nobody Told You About API Development

3 Things Nobody Told You About API Development

Many factors in API development are brought to light after development is done: documentation, testing and caching. However, in order to develop APIs successfully and have an easier time maintaining and iterating on those 3 things, it is critical to include them in the development stage, and not as
an afterthought. …

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The video covers:

* A pragmatic approach to ensuring that your API solves real problems
* Methods and tools for including documentation, testing and caching in
the API development process
* Basic principles of API design

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Pusher’s new user plans for real-time API consumption

Pusher’s new user plans for real-time API consumption

Today, we are making the first significant change to our pricing since our public beta 5 years ago. The changes are primarily aimed at new customers, however, existing customers will also benefit from it. Going live on our free tier Firstly, we’re making our free tier (Sandbox) more generous. This is to help those who …

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Pusher is one of the leading real-time API providers. They introduce new user plans to make real-time API consumption easier and cheaper.

The Year Ahead: APIs as Economic Game Changers – The New Stack

The Year Ahead: APIs as Economic Game Changers – The New Stack

The year 2015 has been a defining year in the growth of the API economy. The recent API Strategy and Practice conference in Austin, Texas, demonstrated the widening group of business and civic players reorienting towards an API play, with ever-more stakeholders now offering services in the API ecosystem. And last week, the global APIdays …

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Events are always a great way to help a community advance. We recently saw two such API Economy events: APIStrat Austin and APIDays Paris. Mark Boyd summarises some new developements, insights and conclusions.

2015 API Predictions Reviewed

2015 API Predictions Reviewed

With the end of the year fast approaching, we’re reflecting on last year’s predictions and what might be next. Here’s how our 2015 API predictions scored.

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Always a great read:

3scale CEO composes API predictions for every year. Below is the review of his predictions from 2015 [1 point score if it turned out correct]:

1. Web API design will become a premium tech skill [1 point]

2. API search and discovery will heat up [1/2 point]

3. Automated code gen and SDKs will raise the bar [0 points]

4. Security breaches will be top of mind [1.5 points (unfortunately this came true in spades)]

5. API operations will become “a thing” [1 point]

6. Industry standards or shared specifications will start getting early traction [1 point]

7. The API event scene will grow [1 point]

8. Real time and post-REST APIs [1/2 point]

9. IoT will stretch API architectures [1/2 point]

10. Identity, privacy and data access will be key [1/2 point]