Integrating, exposing and managing distributed data with RESTful APIs and open-source

Red Hat and 3scale co-present a joint demo about data integration via data virtualisation and API management at the Endpoint2015 conference in Amsterdam.

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This was a 1h demo and talk co-presented by Red Hat’s Cojan van Ballegooijen and me talking about data integration of various diverse sources via data virtualization. Then we exposed the data via RESTful APIs and added the 3scale API Management layer on top to get full control and visibility about API access

APIs Aren’t New – And They’re Driving the Digital Economy

Enterprises must be lean and agile in order to compete. Yet in many organizations, consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions have created fragmented, non-integrated systems and processes that drain financial and human resources and diminish your ability to respond to a changing market and the relentless demands of customers and partners. …

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APIs and API Management is becoming more interesting for System Integrators, who start building out API practices.